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A.J McLean

Full name: Alexander James McLean
Born: January 9, 1978 West Palm Beach, Florida
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Nickname: A.J, Bone, Mr. Cool
Pastimes: Dancing, basketball, golf, bowling, writing poetry, shopping, shooting pool
Musical Instrument: Bass Guitar
Fave color: Yellow, sometimes purple
Fave movie: Pulp Fiction
Fave TV Show: Seinfeld
Fave stars: Dustin Hoffman & Geena Davis
Fave Cologne: Joop! for Men
His Ideal Lady: "I like their eyes. Honestly. I know most guys would not agree with me, but the first thing that I look at is eyes. I have to look into her eyes because if I could look deep past those eyes it's like WOW ! And I like long hair. Short hair is just as nice, but I like long hair. I don't care if they are fat, skinny, tall, short."
Jobs: Playing Dopey in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in grade school.
"Side Note" A.J is a puppeteer who worked on the Nickelodeon show "Welcome Freshmen"
He's Most Likely to... ...dare you to buy that crazy dress. His sense of style is outrageous.

Source: The Official Backstreet Boys Website
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