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An interview about their girlfriends

September 1999

Tony -AJ, we have all heard about your break-up with Amanda Latona (formally of the all girl group Innosense) but word has it that there is a new lady in your life.
AJ -Yes, Amanda and I broke up a couple months back but have remained very close friends. She actually came on tour with us for the first couple of weeks just in support of me. I also wouldn't know if you would call her my new lady but I am seeing someone else, one of the dancers on the tour. Her name is Christina but right now we are just taking things slow, one step at a time.
Tony -Well I wish you two the most of luck with it.
AJ -Thanks man.

Tony -I think the most publicized and known Backstreet Boy relationship would definitely be yours and Leighanne's, Brian so I don't think we need to clear anything up on that, right?
Brian -Yes, I guess so. I feel so special!
Tony -Although rumors are starting to fly that you are both sporting engagement rings and expecting a baby sometime next year.
Brian -Well I guess I better clear this all up then. That's all it is, is rumors. You tell me if you see an engagement ring anywhere on my finger and I am sure not expecting a baby. Do I look a bit on the heavier side?
(Nick starts laughing hysterically and the other guys all crack a smile)
Brian -Nah, I am just kidding. No we are not engaged and Leighanne isn't pregnant either. Not that I know of anyway. Unless you all know something I don't! She is just getting started back up with her career actually.
Tony -OK fair enough. How long have you two been together anyway?
Brian -It will be two years coming up soon.
Tony -So is this the longest standing Backstreet Boy relationship?
Brian -Going on right now, yes.
AJ -I went out with a previous girlfriend though for five years and back in high-school Kevin was engaged.
Tony -Well then I guess we still have three years to go to beat AJ's record, huh Brian?
Brian -I didn't know there was a competition going on!
(Everyone Laughs)

Tony -Howie sources are saying that you have finally gave up the single life for good, what can you say in response to that?
Howie -Well I am dating a girl named Claudia right now but unlike some of the other guys girlfriends she is not on tour with us over here. She lives in Toronto, Canada and she may come with me on our American tour. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens, it is all very new.

Tony -Oh well then good luck to you too Nick, I think your relationship must be the most confusing to everyone and probably has the most rumors attached to it! I know I have heard everything from you are dating Mandy Ashford (of Innosense also) to up and coming star Mandy Moore to Pop Princess Britney Spears. Are you ready to clear up all these rumors right now?
Nick -Yes I am. I did date Mandy Ashford for a couple of months but it just didn't work out but we are still really good friends so that is where that came from. As for the Mandy Moore and Britney Spears, I have never had really anything to do with either one of them. Isn't Britney going out with one of her dancers?
Tony -I don't know about that but if you and Mandy aren't dating anymore then what is your girlfriend status?
Nick -OK, this is going to be a hard one to explain. I am kind of seeing another girl right now, also named Mandy. Everyone is blowing it way out of proportion though. I guess you can kind of call her my girlfriend but we both also see other people. She is on tour with us now but more for the sake of her own career, trying to promote herself. You see, she is an up and coming singer too. We enjoy each others company but that is where it just about stops. We both realized at the time when we first started dating that we weren't in love but decided just to stay together cause neither one of us was really looking for something serious at the time but we are both still on the lookout. Infact just last night she went out to a club and met someone she thinks she clicked with. You know?
Tony -Isn't there and jealousy when one of you go out with someone else?
Nick -No I don't think so cause we both know, that no matter what happens we will always be there for each other and love each other as best friends. Actually just a couple weeks ago she had two of her friends on tour with us and she was trying to set me up with one of them.
Tony -Did it work?
Kevin -I don't think we are going to get into that, let's just say he is 'seeing' Mandy and no more questions. If you are a fan don't harass her either cause it's not like the two of them will ever get married!
Nick -That's for sure!

Tony -OK, well then Kevin, what's going on in your love life?
Kevin - It's going pretty good but I would rather keep it much more private then the other guys, if you don't mind.
Tony -No, don't mind at all, but you do have a girlfriend right? In recent interviews when asked "do you all have girlfriends?" You have all responded in a yes.
Kevin -We have all decided that in most interviews (except in ones like these, where we have agreed to talk about it) we will all just most likely answer "yes" to the girlfriend question. No matter what is happening in our private lives.
Tony -OK, that is understandable
Kevin -Yes, thank you

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