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Kristin Willits

This is Kev and his wife Kristin

Kevin Richardson got married Saturday June 17th, 2000 at a camp in Lexington, Kentucky.
His brother Tim, who is a pastor, performed the ceremony in front of family and friends.

Kev weds in secret

BACKSTREET BOY Kevin Richardson has secretly married his fiance Kristin Willits.
The pair are believed to have tied the knot in a hush-hush ceremony in Las Vegas last weekend.
Heart-throb Kevin, 28, shocked his army of teenage fans when he proposed to Kristin, a dancer for superstar Cher, on St Valentine's Day this year. That was the same day that bandmate Brian Littrell got engaged to his girlfriend Leighanne Wallace.
Kevin and Kristin have been dating on and off for the past seven years. They met in Disney World, Florida, before Kevin joined the chart-topping band and insiders thought they would not get hitched until next year. But they took everyone by surprise by going ahead with their nuptials on the quiet. Speaking about their romance, dark-haired Kevin said: "We've been through a lot together.
"Being in the music biz herself, she definitely knows the pressures you are under." "I'm not saying that you need someone in the business, but you need someone who can understand it."
A spokesman for the band said: "If they are married, let's hope they have a happy life together."

Pics of Kristin
Pics of Kev and Kristin

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