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Tyke and Litty are gone!

Brian's Chihuahuas Tyke and Litty Missing


Tyke: Chihuahua, male, blonde/cream, approximately 4lbs.
Litty: Chihuahua, female, blonde/cream, approximately 3lbs.
These two dogs have been missing from their Atlanta, GA area home since the afternoon of Wednesday, July 19th. If you have any information on their whereabouts PLEASE contact the webmaster or These dogs mean the world to their owners and we appreciate your help in finding them. If you would like to discuss this please use the Backstreet Boys Bulletin board (at Please don't email the webmaster or UNLESS you have information.

Source: The Official Backstreet Boys Website

Backstreet Boy Littrell Falls Victim To Dognapping

Two tiny blond Chihuahuas belonging to Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell and his actress fiancée, Leighanne Wallace, have been snatched from the couple's home near Atlanta.
At press time, a spokesperson for the band confirmed that the couple's dogs, a 4 lb. male named Lil' Tyk Thomas and a 3 lb. female named Litty Leigh, were still missing. According to Littrell, who called Atlanta radio station Star 94 on Friday morning to talk about the theft, the dogs were taken on Wednesday, apparently by two teenage girls who trespassed onto the couple's property. Littrell told the station that a "generous reward" was being offered for the dogs' safe return.
Anybody with any information with regard to the missing dogs is being asked to call Suzanne Lear or Kristi Clark at the Atlanta Police Department at 404-350-9212. (Please note that this is a toll call.)
Tyk is the canine star of the soon-to-be-released movie "Olive Juice," which features Wallace in the lead role and includes cameos from Littrell and fellow Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean. A plea for the dogs' return, along with a photo of Tyk and e-mail contacts for anyone with information about the dognapping, can be found at the movie's official Web site,
The movie's producer, Nick Karvounis, told MTV News that Wallace had been playing with the dogs in the couple's yard when she was summoned away by the buzzer that signaled a visitor at the property's gate. No one was at the gate, but when Wallace returned to the yard, the dogs were gone. Later, a witness reportedly told Wallace that two teenage girls had put the canines in a car.
Littrell and Wallace moved into their Atlanta home just four months ago and are expected to marry in September. Tyk has been in the family for almost four years, while Litty was adopted last year.
As for "Olive Juice," no release date has been set as of yet. Karvounis said that the movie's soundtrack, produced by Littrell and Wallace, has now been completed, but he declined to release any further details.
Source: MTV